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Get in contact with our offices today, to take advantage of our plant expertise.

Qualified staff and Family members available daily to answer any questions and help advise you on what to choose for various planting projects.




Now is a good time of year to call to discuss any questions you may have


regarding Hedging and Trees.


The planting season starts late November.

We have a Hedging display area which will help you choose the type of


hedging you may like for your garden.

Qualified Staff here Monday to Saturday to advise you and answer any


questions you may have regarding plant selection etc.

Also currently taking orders for the ACRES scheme .



Large selection of spring bulbs now available.


Daffodils , Snowdrops, Woodland bluebells,

Crocus, Anemones, Muscarii, Tulips


and many many more varieties.



Lots of colourful plants to chose from.

Many Roses less 50%.






Follow us on Facebook or Instgram to see photos and daily updates.




The Garden Centre is very well stocked with a wide range of plants.



The best way to contact us is


Thank you for your business it is much appreciated.







The planting season for bare rooted, field grown plants is from late November to March. We will have our new pricelist available to download late October. There will be great value in Trees, Hedging , Fruit trees and Bushes and Native  plants for the new Acres scheme.

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